Sunday, September 26, 2004


This blog aims to provide my thoughts about the wireless industry. I plan to have a tighter focus on mobile application development, which I believe is one of the most exciting pieces! Let me give you a little introduction about myself...

I have been involved in the wireless industry in one way or another since 1999. I spent some time in Tampere, Finland living a few minutes away from the main Nokia R&D center, then I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2001 and since worked on different projects at France Telecom R&D, working closely with Orange. Even though I have a technical background, I enjoy looking at the industry as a whole, trying to anticipate the trends, challenges and opportunities this industry has to offer. About five years ago, I attended the very first conference on WAP in Paris on my spare time, and I have since seen the evolution of the wireless world!

I am not planning to publish tens of blog entries a day, but anytime I feel about sharing ideas and thoughts. Please feel free to post comments, I don't promise I will always reply, but I definitely want to make it as interactive as possible.


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