Tuesday, March 08, 2005

My 3 favorite mobile services right now

There are a few mobile applications available out there that I am really into right now, and I wanted to share them with you. I have been showing them to some people at Mobile Monday last night and I felt some of you might be interested.

I am currently using an Orange SPV C500 (smartphone known as the Audiovox SMT5600 in the US) but the following apps and services not exclusive to the Windows Mobile platform.

Instant Messaging
Agile Messenger is simply the best IM client I have ever used... You can connect to your MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AOL, etc. and the last version is awesome since you can do Push2Talk either your friends are on their cell phone or PC. You can also upload pictures and share them during your session. Brilliant. Since Agile Messenger is using http, there is no service fee specific to mobile (MSN and Yahoo usually charge for their mobile access).

Mobile Radio
Virgin Radio just launched their mobile service, and I tried streaming the radio using Windows Media Player, and it is terrific! According to Russ, the client is very good, but you don't even have to install anything and it works great. So cool to listen to the latest Stereophonics' this morning while driving my car, since the tune is not played by any US radio station as far as I know.

Mobile TV
This is something I have been super impressed by lately: TV on your mobile, but without any limitation when it comes to number of frames per second, without the need of installing a client - once again Windows Media Player does a great job here - and it is totally enjoyable by the average customer I think. On this demo, you can access only to a few channels including CNBC and the Weather Channel. Smart Video is the company behind this product and what is impressive is the quality you get while using a simple GPRS network, not 3G, not even EDGE!

The best part is the fact that all these services are free! It doesn't cost me a single dime using them, and since I have an unlimited data plan for $5 per month, this is such a great deal! Think about that, $5 a month and you get unlimited IM, unlimited radio, and unlimited TV!

I have to say that I am a little bit skepticle about mobile TV over a cellular wireless network, since there are some scalability issues for a wireless operator, and that's why Korean and Japanese carriers have been pushing for TV brodcast access such as satellite. After initial services such as MobiTV, the US industry will be using digital boradcasting solutions such as Qualcomm's Media Flo and DVB-H. Now we are talking about high resolution TV on the cell phones, so you can even read the headlines scrolling at the bottom of CNN!

And during that time SMS still counts for 76% of mobile data revenues for wireless operators in Western Europe, and overall few people are using data services... I guess I must fit in the "early adopter" category then ;-)


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I spent a lot of time trying to put MSN on my mobile and you give me the solution! Greattttttttt

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